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Northern California's Premier Structural Lifters and Movers

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We are Northern California's #1 structural lifter and mover. Please contact us for a quote for your structural project.

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We Can Lift it, We Can Move it!
Proud members of IASM International Association of Structural Movers

Our services include moving houses, raising houses, moving commercial buildings, moving class rooms and heavy equipment. No matter the distance or height, Montgomery Structural Lifters will get it done with precision. Montgomery Structural Lifters understands the importance of quality work and careful planning. There are many reasons to consider moving or raising your house: 1. Foundation damaged from earthquake, flood or deterioration. 2. Need for more space and wish to add a new level to your house. 3. Urban sprawl or development forcing you out. 4. New zoning or preserving Historical Properties. 5. No matter the reason, Moving your house can save a great deal of money.

Blueprint Design

Engineered Solutions

Safe & Stable

Large-scale engineering projects often require documented plans for the lift and move portion of the project. As part of our commitment to socially-responsible engineering, we provide this service for all clients who require it.

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House Raising

We Have the Team!

Montgomery Structural Lifters provides clients with an expert team equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges across all types of structural projects. Our services are, but not limited to house raising, house moving, structural re-locations.

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